Best 110V Air Compressors For The Money – Reviews With Buying Guide

It’s obvious you want to get the best deal for your money. But more importantly, you want the best 110V air compressors that can manage all tasks from home improvement jobs to household tasks. I couldn’t agree further on this.

In other words, you’re skeptical if you should trust us and buy our recommendation. You’re right to be skeptical. Skepticism only makes sense if you’re looking for the best product.


In this 1800 in-depth review, we want to make sure that you get every buck for your money. Our list of 110V air compressors features professional grade units with great power potential.

Best 110V Air Compressors Compared







Kensun D1001 AC/DC Heavy Duty

4.5 Lbs


11.7 x 4.8 x 6.8

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34 Lbs


18.3 x 18 x 19

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Senco PC1010 1 HP Peak

20 Lbs


14 x 13 x 10

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California Air Tools 5510SE Ultra Quiet

54 Lbs


23 x 10 x 19

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In other words, the 110v air compressor in our list performs better in a standard home outlet. The good news is that they won’t even eat your electric bills.

For a product like the 110v air compressor, you have questions that need answers like:

  • Which is the best 110v air compressor to buy?
  • How do I choose an air compressor?
  • How do I evaluate its power performance?
  • What about their compactness and ease of use?

Apart from giving you the a few 110v compressors, we went ahead to give you a buying guide to help you choose these babies more clearly. Okay, let’s check our first product.

Best 110V Air Compressor 2018 Reviews

1. Kensun D1001 AC/DC – Multi Function Air Compressor

The Kensun is a mid-priced portable air compressor with a maximum pressure of 250PSI. It is capable of pumping 40PSI in a 21.7 inch rubber air hose.

In other words, with that length of the air hose, you can reach all the sides of your car. The power cord is 9 feet long, enough to reach the vehicle cigarette.

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The Kensun is perfect for a wide variety of things not aside from inflating tires alone. It includes 3 extra nozzle adapters that manage various applications of inflation that you may have at home. At 4.7 pounds only, you will find it to be portable and compact enough for storage and transportation.

When it comes to durability, rest assured that you’ll stay with it for long, because it comes enclosed in a metal. The Kensun portable air is well-built for long lasting service. Like any other air compressor I have reviewed on the market, the Kensun has a pressure gauge that shows you the pressure level when the machine is working.

Kensun is an oil-free high output pump. In other words, it has minimal maintenance on your part. It also has a bright LED light that makes it perfect for you to see things clearly when working in the dark.

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2. PORTER-CABLE C2002-WK – Oil Free Pancake Compressor

The one thing that you’ll love about the porter cable c2002 is that it comes with an induction motor and its oil free.

The compressor is made in pancake style with a strong guarantee of high performance in the long term. It is known for managing various household tasks such as inflating and firing nailers.

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The coupler and plug factory installed on the unit reduce the labor cost and chances of having leakages. With the 120 volt low amperage, you’ll be able to start this air compressor even on a cold winter morning.

The porter cable c2002 comes with lots of accessories such as 25-foot nylon hose, tire chunk, quick coupler, Teflon tape, blow gun and attachments, tire gauge and plugs.

From the manufacturer’s manual the air compressor runs on 3.5 SCFM at 90PSI and recharges faster. On the performance side, the air compressor has a 120PSI cut-in pressure with a 30PSI “bonus air” and high-flow air regulator that prevents large pressure drops.

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3. Senco PC1010 1-HP Peak – 1 Gallon Compressor

Senco company has been in the business for 60 years producing high-grade professional tools. Their air compressor is a must buy tool for a variety of demanding applications from trimming work to crafts and hobbies.

The Senco I-gallon compressor is fond of one thing: Its ability to drive 3” framing nails. The same case is true for 15 or 18 gauge finish nails. Customers love it because it is light and takes long to refill. This is a high performance air compressor, thanks to the 1HP that makes it easier for you to accomplish lots of tasks on the go.

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Features a direct drive motor and pump which provides enough manpower for every job. The one gallon capacity sufficient for most home improvement jobs. From the tests and experience of other customers, the air compressor takes only 128 seconds to pump and 35 seconds recover. In other words, no matter which kind of tasks you’re doing, whether at home or work, you won’t waste a cinch of your time.

What makes the Senco air compressor is better, is that runs ultra-quiet. You can’t stand next to it and feel like shouting loud in your conversation. It is a perfect tool for homeowners who don’t want to disturb their neighbors with loud noises coming from their garage.

The feet of the Senco air compressor are covered with rubber, meaning you won’t scratch your hardwood floor. The low amperage draws 4 amps at 115 volts enough to achieve the 125 PSI.

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4. California Air Tools CAT-5510A – Steel Tank Air Compressor 

The California air tool is a powerful and quiet airbrushing, cleaning and inflation tool. You can use it together with dental drills, nail finishers, blowguns and staplers. In short, it accommodates a wide variety of use.

Features dual piston oil-free pumps which free you from maintenance cost and prevents messiness when working.

California Air Tools CAT-5510A

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The dual piston pump that comes with air tool is abrasion resistant and works on high temperature settings. The California air tool is capable of operating for an extended period of time without lubrication.

Customers love the sterling performance because this tool outperforms other high-end compressors on the market. When it comes to performance, the California air tool is capable of working for 3000 hours nonstop. Has a preset pressure ranging from 90-120PSI of air. The 5.5 gallon stainless steel tank makes it the perfect air compressor for doing a wide range of home improvement jobs.

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When the tank is full, the air tool is capable of releasing 120PSI and break down to 90 PSI in less than 40 seconds. The California air tool has a CFM rate of 3.1 and 2.2 CFM of airflow for 40 and 90 PSI respectively.

Its 1.0 HP motor is powerful enough to offer you air brushing, inflating and cleaning tasks. The 1.0 HP motor works at 1000 revolutions per minute, with less noise and wear. With a 60 decibels, this air tool is ultra-quiet and something that you’ll want in your garage.

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How To Choose The Best 110V Air Compressor

Wish were simple, right?

Choosing an air compressor. The truth is, air compressors have lots of features. The question is….which features do you need to pay attention to the most.

Not all features promise great performance. You’ll agree that some features are included there to increase the price of the product rather than add value to projects.

I used this buying guide to select the best air compressors that I have reviewed. And I hope these factors will help you choose the best 110v air compressor.

SCFM/CFM Vs PSI: Which one to pay attention to?

It is easy to procrastinate on these two terms. When you go to forums, you’ll hear advice that you need to pay attention SCFM, others say you need to choose an air compressor that has a higher PSI. Here is the truth:

When shopping for an air compressor, pay attention to SCFM/CFM. A higher SCFM means that the product has better performance. SCFM measures the amount of air flow required for the compressor to perform at its best. SCFM changes with PSI. PSI is the measure of pressure. It’s abbreviated as pound per cubic meter.

Tank size and weight

Both should be taken into consideration. If you want something that you will move with from one place to another, then you will pay attention to the weight.

The size of the tanks is measured in a gallon. A bigger tank indicates that the air compressor has a greater performance. But don’t choose an air compressor on the basis of superior performance when you know that you’ll use it for small tasks.

Operation and Safety Guide

Air compressors don’t have huge maintenance cost like heat guns and other power tools, but you’ll need to follow safety guide so that you extend the lifespan of the tools. Here are the best guides that you can follow:

Read and understand the manual. If you’ve been using the air compressor for a long time, it is tempting to skip the manual. This is the main reason why people get accidents using this power tool.

Wear protective gears. When working, have the right gears. You want to have eye and ear protection to prevent sparks from flying over. You also need to have gloves and make sure that you are working in a dry place free from moisture or wet.

When working, ensure that there are no loose parts. Check the hose fittings, the gallon tank. Any loose parts can lead to personal injury. And remember to keep your hose clean of dirt to lengthen its lifespan.

Ensure that the machine is plugged into the right electrical outlet to avoid damage of the compressor and the possibility of starting fires.

Before using the air compressor, inspect the workplace. Make sure that it is clean, free from wet or moisture. Any moisture around corrodes the tool and cause problem with the electrical circuits.

Be cautions with long extensions. Most air compressors will come with an extra extension, which is good. But you need to be cautions, because the long extension causes a drop in voltage and this can harm the tool. If there is another way of reaching the outlet, then don’t use the extension cord.

When working with an air compressor, never exceed maximum pressure; always work with recommended pressure to avoid accidents and personal injuries.

Final Verdict

Let me tap you on the shoulder for reading a 1800+ review about the best 110V air compressors for the money. Now you have all the information you need to choose the best air compressor on the market.

Whether you do home improvement jobs or small household tasks, you’ll benefit greatly from choosing our professional grade air compressors that have unmatched performance.

A Few months from now, you’ll see how easy it will be working with an air compressor. Not only will you save time on projects, but you’ll feel happy with the final results.

When you’re working on multiple projects for different clients, all you need is a tool that save’s your energy and efforts while at the same time making you feel at ease with the job. And the 110 volt air compressor has proven to be the best tools to handle various tasks from home improvement jobs to household tasks.