Best Bathroom Heater For 2018 | Expert Buying Guide and Reviews

Are you having second thoughts on whether you need to have a shower in cold winter morning?

  • Don’t show up in public like this
  • Don’t make short cuts.
  • Don’t postpone.

There is a better way …And this is a sign you need the best bathroom heater.


All that a bathroom heater does is to create than inviting experience and serenity as you take that hot or warm shower.

In simple words:

You forget what it means and feels to experience cold.

And having such feelings will make your morning energized and full of vigor enough to give you more horsepower to handle your day.

Best Bathroom Heaters Compared







Landmann 26364

Holmes Digital Bathroom Heater

3.4 Lbs

1500 Watt

10.3 x 12.8 x 8.2

Broan 655 Heater Bath Fan with Light

12.9 Lbs

1300 Watt

16.8 x 10.6 x 8

Panasonic FV-11VH2/110 CFM

36 Lbs

1500 Watt

22.7 x 15.9 x 20.1

Broan 174 Wall Heater

6 Lbs

1500 Watt

14.9 x 11.2 x 6.2

Stiebel Eltron CK 15E 120-Volt

8 Lbs

1500 Watt

4.8 x 13.2 x 18.1

Holmes Wall Mount Heater Fan

2.9 Lbs

1000 Watt

10.2 x 6.4 x 12.4

The good news is that I have spent lots of man-hours putting together a list of the best bathroom heaters, plus answer every question that you may need to know about this unit before you make purchase.

You don’t need to scour the internet to make an informed decision after reading our bathroom heater reviews

Best Bathroom Heater 2018 Reviews In Details

1. Broan 174 Wall Heater – Wall Mounted Bathroom Heater

The Broan 174 Wall heater features a solid steel construction, louvered grill adjustable dial. The Broan heater is built to be portable so that it can occupy less space in your bathroom.It is perfect for those who have small bathroom in apartments and condos.

Easy to maintain and clean

?You spend zero dollars on the maintenance of this heater. You will have an easy time cleaning this unit for long life experience.

Power Efficient

The Broan wall heater comes with a solid steel metal that is easy to turn on and off with a guarantee of heating up your room instantly. Thanks to the alloy heat element in the heater.

Built-in Adjustable thermostat

The Broan bathroom heater maintains a constant heat and temperature to provide you ultimate warmth in your spaces.


  • There is a loud noise produced by the fan.

2. Broan 655 Heater – Best Bathroom Ceiling Heater

The Broan 655 heater is ideal for that person who wants to feel ultimate warmth in a cold winter morning. Unlike its predecessor, the Broan 655 heater has unique features. It features a fan, lite and heating unit, all these are designed to give you comfort in the bathroom.

If you have an old heater and want a replacement, all you need is to do a little wiring and connection, then you will have this one of the best bathroom heaters in your bathroom.


The Broan 655 heater throws out bright light that look like a night light, this creates a romantic and inviting space in your bathroom. You will feel like staying in the bathroom because of this light, they make bathroom spaces look like a spa like room.


They are created for lasting performance and long life. You will like the premium durable construction. They are easy to maintain and run in your bathroom.

The fan

Does your bathroom build up lots of humidity after bath or during a warm hot shower? What you need to know is that moisture can damage the walls or ceiling of your bathroom.

With bathroom exhaust fan with heater like this, the heater will be able to blow out the stream of moisture in your living space to protect the walls that you have.

Color-corded wires

For easy understanding and comprehension, the wires are color-corded so that you know which connection you are going to use(light, fan and heat).


  • The Broan heater has short connection points; you may need to budget for additional wiring.

3. Holmes Digital Bathroom Heater – Best Portable Bathroom Heater

The Holmes digital bathroom heater was created for the purpose of adding warmth in the bathroom. Making it easier for you have a warm or hot shower even on a cold bad morning.Comes with a whole hell of things for ultimate comfort and experience in your bathroom:

  • Bathroom safe ALCL plug
  • Preheat timer
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Digital thermostat
  • Digital clock

Programmable timer and Bathroom safe plug

The two features give this heater the ability of creating an inviting experience in your bathroom.It uses a preheat timer to get bathroom warm before you even get in the shower.The bathroom safe plug keeps you safe and ensures that you have a warm bath without having to worry about overheating.

Simple to operate

The Holmel heater incorporates an LCD digital display for accurate reading and control.There is also a programmable thermostat to help you adjust the setting and temperature of your bathroom space.

?Digital clock

You never have to worry getting to work late. There is a digital clock that helps you keep time in the bathroom. Never arrive in the office late, when you could have the holmes heater comes with features.


  • Even in a quiet warm bath, you could hear the noise from a distant.

4. Panasonic Fv-11VH2 Whisper Warm – Bathroom Heater With Fan

Do you really have to second-guess whether you need to have a real bath or cut short cut?No!!! If you have this feeling, it is a sign that you need the Whisper warm heater, I promise, you will forget how it feels to have cold. Cold morning will be a thing of the past.

The Panasonic FV-11VH2 Whisper warm heater is capable of adding that extra comfort to your bathroom. Perfect heater for people who want to do bathroom remodeling or renovations. To me, this is one of the best bathroom heaters in the current market.

A ran-fast fan

?You get a fan to blow out the moisture that accumulates during a hot shower.

Ceiling mounting fan/heater

?The heater takes a minute to warm you spaces instantly.

Superior heating element

Built with a superior heating element such as the Nichrome wire and magnesium oxide that facilities quick heat transfer to your spaces.


You will love the fact that, the heater is able to send large volume of air while at the same time conserving energy.


  • The installation instructions aren’t that clear, But if you have used a heater before, it won’t take hours for you to figure it all out.

5. Stiebel Eltron CK 15e – Best Bathroom Wall Heater

The Stiebel Eltron CK 15E heater is powerful and quiet. You won’t hear that hissing sound of the fan. The StietbelEltron heater heats instantly and is capable of distributing heat in your spaces.

Looks stunning and nicer, it something that will compliment with the space in your bathroom.

Built-in thermostat

Easy to control and operate thermostat that ensures lasting performance and comfort.

Quality construction

Features a durable case construction. You will last with these heaters long than two years.


There is less noise that comes out of the fan. It blows lots of warm air when turned on.


  • The heater’s manual is not well written. It is not that accurate. I wish the manufacturer improves the manual.

6. Holmes Wall Mountable Heater Fan With 1 Touch Control

The Holmes wall mountable comes with ALCI safety plug that instantly shut off if immersed in winter. Comes with dual heat settings (600 watts and 1500 watts). You get to experience a clear view illuminated digital display in the bathroom.The Holmes heater uses a fan-forced heater to blow out massive stream of warm air that can be distributed evenly in the spaces.

One-touch Electronic Thermostat

You are able to control the comfort level of your spaces with one touch electronic thermostat. Thermostat, make it easy for you to easily adjust the setting and temperature with one button.

Houses a set of safety feature

Comes with a set of safety features such as housing and griller, cool to touch, ACLI safety plug to prevent overheat.


  • The heater is small. If you have a large space, it may not benefit you.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Bathroom Heater

Choosing the best bathroom heaters is a long term investment. It is something that you are going to use for the long-term in the bathroom, not even winter months alone.

Depending on the size of the bathroom that you have, the kind of heater that choose matters. It is easy to buy a heater that doesn’t provide you lots heat, leaving you crying in cold in the bathroom.

There are specific factors and question that you need to ask yourself to find out the best bathroom heater. Here is what you need to consider before you shell out your cash on any heater.

Create a checklist that will help you tick off on the heater that has some of these factors.

The cost of running

Some heater cost hundreds or couple of dollars. But most people forget to factor the cost of running.

If you are on a tight budget, you need to factor in the cost of running the heater on electricity. How many watts does it use?

You will find that different heater have different heat output. Choosing a heater that requires more heat output can increase your energy bills.

Let not the purchase of heater influence your buying decision, factor in the running cost. It is possible to use a highly pricey heat that conserves energy.

Heating capacity

Are you looking for horsepower? These kinds of heaters have high heating capacity. If you are looking for something that ignites lots of energy, you may need to look at the product specification.

You will get heater’s wattage, voltage and how much it can throw off. The most expensive bathroom heaters have a high heat capacity and suited for large bathroom.

Size of the bathroom

What is the square foot size for your bathroom? That alone can determine if should spend more or less. A small size bathroom will need an average small heater that throws lots of energy likewise to the large heater.

The size of bathroom that can also determine the kind of heater or heating capacity to choose. Get the best measurement for your situation and choose a heat that can guarantee you comfort and a warmth bath in your spaces.

Bathroom heater type

They are different types of bathroom heaters. They are those that can be used for remodeling and renovations. They are those heaters that are suited for small and large bathroom.

We also have those that have extra features that can transform your bathroom to spa-like space. The type of bathroom heater that you need will influence your purchase.

If you have some specific that you want a bathroom heater to have, you may need to create a budget.

Safety features

You need to be safe in your bathroom. A good bathroom heater will come handy with safety features. Some of the features includes: Overheat protection that shuts the heater immediately whenever the desired temperature is reached. An over tip protection that shuts of the heater from you knock it over.

Extra features

Extra features included in the heater, may cost you a lot. For instance, some heater will come with an automatic timer, digital clock and even a fan for preventing moisture in the bathroom.

They are great features because they improve your comfort and enhance the beauty of your space. If you are looking a heater that has extra features, you will need to have a good budget.

Don’t miss our article about oil filled heater for enjoying a hot home air in your bedroom.

Types of Bathroom Heater

They are at least five best bathroom heaters that I know. What you need is to learn more about them so that you can make an informed decision.

Many people considering water heater for their master bath as well. If you are interested to know more about this product, it will be a great read for you: Tankless water heater reviews.

Every model of heater out there enhances the look of your bathroom. Here are the types of bathroom that you need to know.

Portable heaters

From the name, these types of heater can be moved from one room to another. They are the perfect heater is you are kind of person who uses the heater only in winter months.

Portable heaters are easier to operate and manage; all you need is to plug the unit into an electric outlet.

Because of these reasons and many, these heaters are perfect for small bathroom. If you can keep up with the noise level which is minimal, then you are a perfect fit for these heaters.

Radiant heater floor

From my own experience and working with clients install these heater, radiant heater floor are great for large spaces.

Radiant heaters will give your bathroom a stylish and unique look. But don’t forget one thing, Radiant heaters are expensive to install and maintain.

If you don’t mind its budget at all, then you will enjoy the warmth and serene inviting atmosphere that it creates in your bathroom.

Ceiling heater

These types of heater are installed on the ceiling. Perfect, if you have a small bathroom and you want to save on space. Or put it somewhere that is out of reach for the kids and pets. if safety is something that you take seriously, then this maybe the best heater that you will ever buy.

Wall mount heater

Like the ceiling heater, these types of heater can be attached on the wall. Like the ceiling heater, the wall mount heaters are perfect for small bathroom and they throw off lots of heat.

Heater/Exhaust fan

It is a hybrid heater that is because it has some unique features that can transform your bathroom into an inviting space. Their main purpose is to prevent humidity from accumulating in the air. You see, moisture from a warm bath can damage your ceiling and wall. To prevent these, the heaters come with a fan that blows out the moisture from your space instantly leaving your room clean.

It will cost you extra dollars in maintenance and purchasing cost to have this heater.

How Bathroom Heater Work?

There are two ways on how these heaters work. Most companies are including an exhaust fan in the making of a heat. I will also show you how this fan manages to pull out most of the moisture and at the same time give you more warmth.

Here is how it goes….

An electric bathroom heater has three things:

  • A heating element
  • A Motor.
  • A Fan.

When you switch on your heater, a motor starts to run which then powers the fan.

The fan then draws out large massive amount of hot air to warm the space. The air becomes warm because of the heating element getting hot and throwing our streams of warm air.

Increasing the temperature of the heat is making the heating element throws large amount of heat. That is how it works.

How the exhaust fan dries out moisture in the bathroom.

The motor that runs makes the fan to rotate, what the fan does is draw out moist air into the ductwork.

Most fans will vary by power. They are rated by the Cubic Feet per Minutes that is the amount of air the fan can draw from the room. A heater with a higher CFM will draw out much moisture from the room.

The reason why you need a fan in your bathroom is to prevent the moisture build up that can damage the walls of your spaces.

Bathroom Heater Safety Tips Concern

The bathroom is considered to be one of the most dangerous places in a house.

Any water splashed on the floor, could make you slip and fall. That fall alone is enough to send you to a wheel chair or confine you with a spinal injury for the rest of your life.

Safety consideration is something that needs to be taken seriously, when you consider installing your best bathroom heater.

For instance, a fault electric wire that comes in contact with moisture can lead to electric shock.

Such a problem and many more that can cause an injury in your bathroom is something that you need to prevent.

Here are a couple of tips that you need to follow to protect, you, your kids and your family:

Know the purpose of the heater or at least the function it serves

Hundreds of heaters are made every year and all of them are created for different purpose. For instance, there are heaters made for patios, living space or bedroom.

And because of safety consideration, these heaters are designed with specific features that lower accidents in that situation.

When choosing a bathroom heater, look for the one that is suitable to work in damp spaces. Check the manufacturer’s specification before you purchase the heater.

Know the place you want to install the heater

Not every place is suitable to install a heater in the bathroom. The bathroom is damp places; the place needs to be away from the splashes of water.

Even if the manufacturer says the heater is waterproof, always install in a place away from water splashes.

If you have a bathroom with high ceiling or spaces, that could be the place to install your heater.

If you can spare extra dollars, you may renovate your bathroom so that you can install your heater in a safe secure place.

Fire extinguisher

It is a low priced unit that misses in most homes. Most people think that they are suited for commercial offices or high risk area.

It easy to think that your house would never catch fire. Let me tell you something: As longer as you have heaters in your home there are more reasons to have a fire extinguisher. You need at least 3 of this units and everybody needs to know how to use it.

It seems awkward or weird to put one in your bathroom. If you can’t place one inside, at least place one closer to your bathroom.

Never obstruct the heaters

Because they produce heat that warm the bathroom, you can be tempted to dry your towel or anything. Please don’t do this.

Safety certification

Buy heaters that have passed safety tests and standards. Heaters with the following listed with following bodies are considered best in the market: National Regional Testing Laboratories (NRTL), Underwrites Laboratories (UL) and Canadian Standard Associations (CSA).

Cost Effectiveness Of Bathroom heaters

Forget the cost of purchase that you incur in your heater. Only buy a bathroom heater if you are prepared to meet the cost of energy bills.

Most homes don’t have a bathroom heater because the cost of installing and maintenance is high.

If you are on a tight budget, they are cheaper options for you. You can buy a portable heater that consumes less energy bills.

The downside of the portable heater is that they don’t throws off much heat in a space. That low amount of heat is suitable if you have a small bathroom. If you have a large bathroom, you may not benefit from the warm provided by these types of heater.

Other heaters on the market like Infrared heater are expensive to purchase and run.

In fact, it may cost you at a little more just installing an infrared or ceiling heater. Apart from the cost of maintenance, these types of heater are perfect if you main priority is safety in the bathroom.

For those of you who don’t mind spending dollars on bathroom heater, a better option is installing a radiant heater.

It is a bit expensive to purchase and run, but serenity and spa-like environment that it provides is something that can’t be ignored.

Both the three types of heater are perfect if you have a large bathroom, because they deliver instant heat that gives you a warm inviting feel when you come out of your bathroom.

Bathroom Heater Installation Guide

Before you put screws on the walls, there are things that you need to know about installation.

If you don’t want to have headaches on your wall, then you can buy yourself a portable bathroom heater, but you need to choose the one that throws out lots of warmth.

Here is what you need to know….

Think of the space

Do you have enough space in your bathroom? Or are you willing to recess the current wall?

If you have a large bathroom this is not a problem. Second, the place that you choose must meet the following conditions:

  • A place where the flow air won’t be blocked.
  • A place where away from obstruction.
  • A place that is free from water splashes.
  • A place that is less prone to dangerous.

If the space you have selected meets the following conditions, then you have my green light check to install the bathroom heater.

Ventilation capability

You bathroom needs to be ventilated. This factor becomes important if you are thinking of installing heater/extractor fan or a radiant heater.

You need to assess your bathroom ventilation capability or renovate your bathroom again. It needs to have a duct that collects the moisture from the space.


Before you do any of the ceiling or mounting, you need to have the right electric wiring. For that reason, you will need an electrician to help you.

Before screwing the wall, always check the manufacturer’s manual before you seeking the service of the contractor. You will gain a better idea on how to mount the heater on the wall.

Wrapping It Up All

You have more reason to select the best bathroom heater that is perfect for your bathroom.

I believe and hope that I have answered every question to make you make an informed decision.

There is nothing that will make you have a better morning shower on a winter month like having a bathroom heater.

It solves all the crying, whining and the rattling of teeth that you experience in that cold chilly morning.Hope, our in-depth bathroom heater reviews will help you to choose your desired unit. 

With a bathroom heater, you never need to second-guess on whether you need to take a shower or not. You just need to have it and let the bathroom heater take of all that.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large bathroom, all this unit will serve their your purpose.