Best California Air Tools Compressor Reviews in 2018 With Guide

Best California Air Tools Compressor

Every company cries out loud that it makes the best air compressor. For the average buyer, it makes sense to buy only from the best. The good news we have best California Air tools compressor on the market.


In this review, I want to take a deep dive and educate you on these tools. We want to pay close attention to:

  • The features of air tool compressor.
  • The best-selling California air tool compressor.
  • Facts about the California air tool compressor.

Best California Air Tools Compressors in 2018 Compared








California Air Tools 5510SE





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California Air Tools 10020C





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California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S





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California Air Tools 8010 Ultra Quiet





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California Air Tools 2010A





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California air tool compressor is a big brand and for decades it has been producing industry grade compressors with the latest technology and innovation. Let’s take a look at their compressors.

Best California Air Tools Compressor Reviewed

1. 5510SE Ultra Quiet and Oil-Free Steel Tank Compressor

The 5510 SE 5.5 gallons is a household air compressor meant for performing small kinds of tasks such as air brushing, cleaning and inflation.

You also have the convenient to use the 5510 air tool together with other tools such as dental drills, nail finishers, blowguns and staplers.

California Air Tools 5510SE

Unlike other compressors on the market, The California air tool can work up to 3000 hours, making it a better tool.

The dual piston is abrasive in nature thanks to its non-metal material. You can use it for a long time without lubrication.

The California air tools feature an oil-free dual piston pump, which lessen maintenance and reduces messiness when working with the machine.

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The California air tool comes with a preset range of pressure from 90 to 120 PSI for its 5.5 gallon tank. On the performance, the California air tool has an air flow capacity of 3.1CFM@ 40 and 2.2CFM@ 90PSI.

The weight is disappointing, the compressor weighs 50 pounds. The big weight is compensated with a wheel kit which allows you to move the unit smoothly on a surface. Apart from the wheel, there is a handle for lifting the air compressor. If you’re looking for something that is lighter, the 5510SE 5.5 gallons may not be the air compressor that you want.

The California air tool doesn’t come with a hose; you may need to budget for a dedicated hose for this tool. All in all the California air tool can endure longer continuous run times and increased duty cycle, making it the perfect air tool for intense work activity.

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2. 10020C Ultra Quiet Oil-Free and Powerful Air Compressor

What you’ll love from the 10020C is the ultra-quite tool with great duty cycle. Good construction and great valve are a plus on this air tool. There is something unique about the California Air Tools 10020c, here are the details.

At only 26 pounds, the California air tool is light compared to the 50 pounds the California air tools 5510 SE. It is compact and sizable enough to carry and transport.

Despite its weight, the California tool gives unmatched performance close to the California air tools 5510 SE. You’ll find that it has a 2.0CFM@ 90 PSI and 3.0CFM @40 PSI. This range of performance makes the 10020c air compressor a superior tool.

California Air Tools 10020C

The tasks that the California air tool can do include air brushing, inflating and other small kind of tasks. The great duty cycle ensures that the air compressors work for hours uninterrupted with hitches.

Thanks to its 2.0HP motor, rest assured that you’ll work faster and efficiently round the clock. Operating at 70 decibels, the noise level is not that much given that larger models operate with 90 to 150 decibels.

If the California air tools 5510 SE didn’t impress you because of its weight, then you are free to choose the California 10020c because its portable and delivers great performance.

You can use the California air tools for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to its large tank that can hold 10 gallons of air.

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3. CAT-1P1060S Light & Quiet Portable Air Compressor

Customers love the 1P10605 compressor because of its low noise level and compactness. In other words, you won’t be running a grinder when you work with the CAT 1P10605 compressor.

That said, the California air tool does a whole load of tasks such as inflating cars, bicycle and inflatable toys.

Like I said before, the CAT 1P10605 has a low noise level, it operates at 56 decibels of sounds.

California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S

You’ll love the powerful performance of the motor, because it features a 6HP motor that runs at a 1680 RPM.

It also operates with a maximum pressure of 120 PSI (8.2 bar). Talking about the capacity, the air compressor puts out a 1.2CFM@ 90 PSI and 1.6CFM@40PSI.

With those specifications you’ll agree with me that you are buying a powerful air compressor that won’t disappoint you when working.

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You don’t need a battery to run this air compressor because it runs direct off ac the line power (110v/60Hz). The 6HP motor draws out 4 amps only which reduce the chances of tripped breakers.

What’s more the air compressor comes with a knob. The purpose of this knob is to control the air flow, which makes the air stream remains steady.

On the safety side, there is a thermal overload protector which protects the motor from overheating.

Paying close attention to the motor, the pressure and capacity of this air compressor, you see that it delivers better performance than the competition. To be more specific, the California air tools CAT 1P10605 compressor is better than Rolair ABS the Senco PC1010 and Makiata A001.

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4. 8010 Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free 1.0 hp Steel Tank Air Compressor

The 8010 features a limited noise level with its 60 decibel of sounds. The California air tools 8010 runs on a 1.0HP motor at only 1680 RPM, not quite much on the performance, but manages simple tasks like inflating with ease.

It features an oil-free dual piston pump system for greater performance and durability.

The air tool has a great duty cycle of 3000 hours plus and more, making it a better tool compared to compressors that have 500 hours or less.

California Air Tools 8010 Ultra Quiet

With its oil-free pump you’ll be in a better position to use the air compressor in a variety of places, even on uneven terrains.

On the weight side, the air compressors weights roughly 54 pounds with an 8 gallon tank. To make movement and storage easier, the compressor has a wheel kit.

Looking at the features and specs the air compressor has, I can’t complain of its current retail price which is decent for the average homeowner. From this list of, the 8010 air compressor is the only one that has the lowest weight compared to other tools.

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5. 2010A Ultra Quiet 2.0-Gallon Aluminum Tank Compressor

Like most California air tool, the 2010A air compressor is quiet and durable. Those two features make it the best air compressor to work in a noisy-sensitive environment like home without disturbing the neighbors.

Like the 8010, the California air tools 2010A comes with a 1.0HP motor that has a 1680 RPM powerful enough for small kind of task.

California Air Tools 2010A

Thanks to the 1680 RPM, the California air tool runs quiet. With its design, you’ll love the fact that motor maximizes the duty cycle and prolong its run time. Features an oil-free dual piston pump that frees you from maintenance costs and frequency.

That’s not all; the dual piston pump also makes it easier for you avoid messiness when working. With this piston pump, the machine can reach up to 3000 hours before it begins to wear and tear.

Has a 2.0 aluminum gallon tank, which is helpful because it makes movement and transportation easier. Aluminum construction prolongs the lifespan of the tank because it shields it against rust. The small tank capacity means that you’ll take less time filling the tank.

The California air tools 2010A produces 60 decibels of sounds, which is a limited noise level according to me. If you’re looking to own something small, compact and gets work done faster. Then the California air tools 2010A isn’t a bad idea at all. The current price is drop in the ocean because it won’t break the bank. The California air tools 2010A offers moderate performance for managing small household duties at home.

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About California Air Tools Compressor

The California Air tools manufacture high-grade industrial units which are quiet and offer long term service. What’s more, these are are rugged and portable air compressor. They also need less maintenance because they use an oil-free pump.

They feature a large storage tank which works efficiently during the day uninterrupted with hitches.

California tools are designed with the latest technology for better quality and longevity.

Their dual pump system work efficient and effective to ensure low noise levels at all time. In fact, all California air tools have limited noise capacity.

From our list, you will notice that a noise level capacity ranging from 50 decibels to 70 decibels. Such a low noise, it does not mean that the unit doesn’t deliver on their performance. They do an excellent job.

If you’re choosing an air tool from California, they are certain things that you need to pay attention. These features determine the quality and performance of an air compressor. Here are the details:

General requirement

It is common knowledge that most air tools will operate smoothly at 2.35 CFM @ 90 PSI. A CFM is the volume which the compressor operates, while PSI is the pressure of the airflow. A basic knowledge of the volume and pressure will help you choose an air compressor that is strong and fits your needs


Horsepower is necessary to run air tools. For instance, if you’re using the air tools for simple tasks like inflating, cleaning, air brushing, a 1/2 horsepower is enough to get this kind of work done.

Meanwhile, if you’re into inflating, cleaning, airbrushing, staplers, engraves, then 1.0 horsepower is all you need for this work.

You may need a 2.0 or 4.0 horsepower, if you are framing nailers, finishing nailers, LVLP spray gun, dental hand-pieces and others. The general rule is to check the amount of power you need to run your work.


Size matters a lot when it comes to choosing a California tool. The size of an air compressor depends on the weight, space and storage capacity. Compressors that come with bigger tanks have lots of air storage which allows you use the air when you’re working on bigger projects.

If you work on small household tasks such as inflating tires, balloons, sport equipment and more, then all you need is small tank. A bigger tank is perfect for large project.

Final Verdict

Whew!! I hope this 1800+ best California air tools compressor you now have information about their list of industry grade compressors. The most exciting thing that I love with their compressor is the fact that most of them run quiet. In other words, they’re meant to work in a noise-sensitive place like homes.

Looking at their air capacity and pressure, you’ll notice that most of these air tools have an air capacity of more than 2CFM. This is a moderate performance for working with small kind of tasks. With the CFM, PSI and HP specs, you won’t regret choosing the California air tools compressors.