Best Electric Wall Heaters In 2018 | Reviews With Buying Guide

Rattling of the teeth, shaking of the body, cold feet, cups of black coffee, you name it. The list is long. But there is one thing that we all agree: Cold has turned your living space into hell.


Signs like this shows that you need the best electric wall heater to warm your place period. We created this article to help you get the perfect electric wall heater for your room.

With an electric wall heater, the chilling mornings and the fear of having a cold shower will be a thing of the past.

Best Electric Wall Heater – Compared







DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater

DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater

8 Lbs  N/A 1500 W
Landmann 26364

Cadet Com-Pak Wall Heater

7 Lbs 200 Sft. 2000 W

Broan 174 Wall Heater

6 Lbs Medium 1500 W

Stiebel Eltron CK 20E

8 Lbs N/A 2000 W

Stiebel Eltron CK 15E

8 Lbs N/A 1500 W

Broan 170 Wall Heater

7.1 Lbs Medium 1000 W

With many product review created every second, it is easy to think that choosing an electric wall heater is easy, right?

Quite the opposite.

It takes time to select a wall heater for your room. It is not like going to a grocery and choosing the next available cucumber.

Like any tools, they have different features and functionality, our job is tell you all those and why they matter. Okay now is the time to discover more about these electric wall heater reviews.

Best Electric Wall Heaters 2018 – Reviews

1. Cadet Manufacturing 7924 – Most Popular Electric Wall Heater

Even when you have a small room, you still got a chance to enjoy the steady heat and warmth. Thanks to the Cadet electric wall heater that offers enough heat to small spaces.

Cadet wall heater employs a simple switch with a turn on and off features. It also carries an integrated fan to its design which throws out lots of hot air to make sure that you never feel cold in your space.

Installing a Cadet wall heater can make you think that you will sacrifice the space in your tiny little room. It is not possible, with its flush fit installation; you could have your heater in less than 30 minutes.

Customers love the Cadet 7924 electric wall heater for one thing: simplicity in operation. And it is a great solution if you have a 250 ft. room or less than that. 

At such a reasonable price, there is no way you will want to leave this heater even if you have small room.  According to me this is the perfect bathroom heater in recent time.

2. Broan Model 9815WH – High Capacity Wall Heater

Let me tell you something that will get you off the fence and start thinking about the Broan Model 9815WH capacity. The broan model electric wall heater has a high efficient heating element. This means it converts more electric energy into heat to produce more heat with the same power output.

In the end, you won’t be slaving every month and shocked when you see power bills knocking at your door. Besides that it also includes a thermostat to regulate the temperature that you want.

Broan model features a lubricated motor that means you have peace mind, because you will spend less on maintenance.

They are inlets at the top that serves the purposes of drawing cool air and grilles at the door do a nice job of forcing out hot air.

Whether you have a 120 or 240 volts, you can wire the heater without any professional help. Additional, the broan model heater maintains a steady temperature at 1500 watts. You can forget all those annoying noises when you own this heater that is because it has an integrated fan.

3. Stiebel Eltron CK 20E – Best Wall Mounted Electric Heater

You can forget all the features that you see in Stiebel heater, but there is one thing that you will marvel at.

The sleek appearance and floating design of the heater. It is widely bought because it turns living spaces into palatial places. Hands down, if you want something that will tell a story about your decor, then consider Stiebel electron. You won’t be wrong.

Think it is hard installing Stiebel electron?

Think of how you stalled the fan that how easy it is and without professional help. Stiebel electron heater includes an integrated fan that is quite and throws out lots of warm air in a room. Its powerful heater takes seconds to warm the whole place.

a frost protection mode setting conserves energy and lets the heater keep basement and garage warm without developing frost or damp. Because of this, I promise you won’t see an increase in energy bills.

4. Stiebel Eltron CK 15E – Best Electric Fan Heater

Even as small thing like a Stieble CK 15 electric fan heater can make a difference in a small living space. Because of its sleek and colorful design, you add beauty and elegance to your tiny little room.

You can control the level of heat, thanks to the thermostat that has a connection to the heater. There is instant heat distribution and excellent circulation of air.

The beautiful white fan is a nice color that could blend in with your any room, kitchen or hall ways. On top of that, the heater uses clean fuel technology. There is a digital display to show you the temperature reading and other settings that you need to know.

At only 1500 watts, Stiebel electron heater is an ideal solution to small spaces.

5. Broan 170 Wall Heater White Painted Grille

Imagine just reached home and all you see is the cloud of hot air in your space. You can’t even imagine it is winter.

Those miracles are only possible with the broan 170 wall heater. It is a perfect solution for small spaces. It uses 1000 watts, that enough power to distribute heat in your any small room.

Uses an alloy heating elements that warms the space in seconds. Its adjustable thermostat keeps your room at constant temperatures level that is steady.

The 20-gauge white grille and louvers direct the warm air downwards so that you don’t have cold feet. Like all the heaters Broan company makes, this is one durable. It includes a high-quality component that is durable for long lasting performance. Even in humid environment, you will see that its enamel is durable

Best Electric Wall Heater Buying Guide

You can have an awkward buying experience.

It has happened to me before and countless other buyers. You select a heater only to realize that there is a better option out there and it has more oomph than your current heater.

The good news, I want to prevent that from happening to you. What I want you to have is an awesome buying experience.

You need to know what you want in the best electric wall heater. All the heaters are not designed the same, they have different functionalities.

Let’s explore each factor and see what that means to you.

Usage and cost

You will be a fool not to be wary about cost?

Cost makes people turn away from owning heaters. The good news is that electric wall heaters are cheap. Here is the difference.

If you have central heating in your room, it may be a better choice but not a smart move. Why?

Central heating warms the whole room. If you wake up early in the morning, all you need is a heater in your working station not something that warms the whole place. That would be a waste of energy.

It is different with electric wall heater. They pump heat into one room and keeps it warm for as long as you want it.

Installation cost

if You can install a fan, you can install an electric wall heater. But you can still hire a professional electrician to do the heavy lifting for you.

Running cost

Running cost depends on heating element, the power potential of the heater and the method the heater uses to convey its heater.

A heater with integrated fan warms the room fast than those without. They tend to kick out lots of heat in seconds. You will have to dig deeper into your pocket to part with a heater with that feature.

Wall heater that use conventional currents to dissipates heat take longer to warm the room but the room remains warmer for longer period of time when the heater off. If you are buying a heater for your any small room, wall heaters that use conventional currents are best options.

Power output

Have a large a room, then go for heater that throws 2kw or more. Ensure that the heating element throws out enough heat to keep the entire room warm.

Small rooms like kitchen will need 1.5k to 2k. Not all heaters will deliver the power quoted by the manufactures that is why you need to inspect the heating element. Because most wall heater tend to offer 95 to 100% efficiency.


Does it matter so much to you?

If you want a heater for your kitchen that will matter. However, it doesn’t mean that it will throw up lots of heat. Still you have to ensure that it is efficient at all times.

Safety Tips On Electric Wall Mounted Heaters

Like any heating solution, safety precautions are necessary not matter, how safe it is easy.

Do you know why they are accidents? Because they happen when we least expect and and we are least prepared. We can’t control that, but we can have a measure of protection before they even happen.

That is why safety tips are necessary, if you are thinking of owning a heater. Here are the tips that you need to know before having this babies in your families.

Buy a heater with safety features. A good electric wall heater will have at least two or three safety features like a overheat protection or thermostat regulators. The more features a heater has the safer you are.

Never use the heater to dry clothes or put a flammable material on it. It will catch fire and even burn you space.

If you are installing your heater on the hall ways, you need to keep an eye on kids and pets. Any time without your notice, kids my insert flammable substance inside the heater and this can cause fire.

It may surprise you, but you need to have a working fire extinguisher around. In case of fire you don’t need to wait for 30 to 45 minutes for the fire department to arrive. You can still put the fire off.

Never obstruct the heater. Always make sure that there is nothing in front of it.

Wall Electric Heater vs Portable Infrared Heater

These two types of heaters have a lot in common including its benefits. There is only a slight difference. Here is the difference that can help you choose the best between the two.

Noise level

Noise is something that most customers who buy heaters complain about. And that happens because, most heaters use fan to dissipates warmth.

Electric wall heaters have these fans; there will be always some level amount of noise. If you want complete silence, then consider owning a portable infrared heater because it doesn’t use fan to dissipate heat.


As you have seen, an electric wall heaters it will need a certain level of maintenance. Like checking if the heater is in the right working conditions. Sometimes it may not warm the room like it used to and you will have to figure out the problem.

Compared to infrared heater, electric wall heater will need lots of maintenance.


If you have kids and pets and safety is your number one priority, then go for electric wall heater. Most portable heaters have a coil inside them.

The coil can get hot and when a kid touches the coil or the body of the heater, chances of her screaming are high.


Freestanding heater can be kept in any room be it large or small. They come with different functionality and features to cater for any size of space that you may have.

Unlike portable heaters, electric wall heaters are for small spaces like offices and hallways. That also explains why these heater are in small sizes.

Heating output

Most electric wall heaters uses 2kw or 3kw of electric power, meaning that they don’t draw much as energy. For that reason, they are a better choice if you want to save on energy.

However, you may not enjoy much heater, because most of them are not 100% efficient. Their effectiveness will range from 95% to 100% for the best heaters. While infrared heaters are 100% efficient. They don’t lose any heat to other spaces.

Warms Instantly

With an infrared heater you don’t need to wait 10, 5 or even 20 minutes before you start feeling the warmth in your room. Once switched on, it throws out heat instantly.

With a wall heater, you will have to wait for it warm the cold air before you start feeling warmth.

Wall Heater Installation Guide

How do you install these babies? It is probably easy as you think. Here are the steps that you need to follow and you could have you heater up and running.

Choose a nice a location. The place needs to be central. Somewhere, the heater can distribute the heat throughout the room. Avoid dingy places, behind the door or possible where the heater may face obstruction.

Never balance the weight of the heater in a studded wall. Always ensure that you have a better position of the heater.

Before you wire the heater, you need to turn off the power supply.

Take a drywall saw and make a hole on the dry wall. You need to create large holes that will hold the heater. Before doing that, makes sure that the area you are making the holes are do not have electrical wires or pipes. And if they are, take precautions when creating those holes.

Install a new electric circuit to the new heater. The new heater will need its own dedicated circuit. An electrician can help you with these if you want to avoid trouble. The next thing is to ensure that there is a connection between the heater and the electric power supply cable.

Fold any excess cable needs behind the box of the wall. The main reason why you are mounting the wall is to prevent damage caused by the heat.

Now is the time to attach the heater. If you haven’t done so, you can take your time. If you’ve done everything correct, you should cover the plate onto the heater.

If everything went well, you can turn on the power supply and test the heater. However, if you are not confident on how to go around these, you can always call an electrician to have it fixed for you.

Repair and Maintenance of Electric Wall Heater

I guess the last thing you want is to have a heater not working on a cold winter morning when you are about to get in the shower.

Has it ever happened to you? You can hate cold water for the rest of your life, I promise.

But my job is to guarantee you that never happened. At least not on my watch. That is why I want to show you instances where the heater may refuse to work and the possible solution.

An electric wall heater doesn’t have many parts, if you find any hiccups. It is one or two minor things that are not working properly. If you are handy, you can fix this fast.

Here are the craze instances.


Have you ever seen an electric wall heater oozing out smoke? A situation like this is dangerous. If you don’t act fast, your whole house may be in smoke. The best way to switch off the main power supply. Smoke arises because there is an issue with the wiring. Or, there is damage and the connections aren’t working properly.

Smell of burn

An electric heater doesn’t produce smell. Any smell indicates that, dirt, hair, debris may have clogged the heater’s interior. Again, switch of the main power supply and correct these.

You can open the mounting box and remove any dirt with vacuum. For general information on how to do these, check on the manufacturer’s manual.

Less heat, less warmth

You heat is not putting out enough heat at the moment. With a situation like this I can think of number of things.

First, it may be that heal flow is blocked and you can check that by opening the mounting box. Obstruction of the heater can cause, make sure that the heater has enough room to circulate the air.

Power ratio may be another cause and heater does not have its recommended wattage to warm the space.

The third option is to fix the correct clearance. A wall electric heater needs a 12 inches clearance in front and above the heater. And also a three-quarter inches underneath.

If all these options don’t work, it may be time for you to call an electrician or to have a look on this great resource: how to repair wall heaters.


With a 3000+ guide about the best electric wall heater, there is no reason in the world why you shouldn’t shop with confidence.

You have every tidbit of information at your disposal to make the right decision. Information like this makes you a smart shopper who understands what they want in every product that they invest their money into.

I hope our electric wall heater reviews is unbiased and helped you know the things that you want in an electric wall heater. Now is the time to chase those chilly scary mornings away.