Best Makita Air Compressor Review in 2018 With Some Pro Tips

Makita Air Compressor

If you’ve never owned the Makita air compressor on the market, then you’re missing out. Not only does Makita offer the best air compressor on the market, they design all their tools with leading technology in mind. Therefore offering its customers robust tools that are capable of delivering unmatched performance

As the leading manufacturer of air compressors, Makita offers some of the best tools on the market for professional contractors and DIYer enthusiasts.

Best Makita Air Compressors in 2018 Compared







Makita MAC2400 Big Bore

81 Lbs


20 x 18 x 18.8

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Makita MAC700 Big Bore

59.6 Lbs


18 x 22 x 10

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Makita MAC5200 Big Bore

104.4 Lbs


29 x 19.5 x 19

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Makita AC001 Air Compressor

27.4 Lbs


14 x 15 x 15

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Any professional contractor, who has used the Makita air compressors, will tell you the reliable long lasting service these tools deliver.

In this article, we’ve decided to provide a review from the one of the leading manufacturers of air compressors in the world-Makita.

Best Makita Air Compressor Reviews

1. Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor

Want a top rated air compressor that provides reliable state of the art performance? The Makita MAC2400 is the answer. Most pundits love it for its 2.5HP motor that provides reliable optimum performance.

Aside from that the MAC2400 comes with its own casing which protects the machine from bumps and fingers. The MAC2400 uses less electrical power at home, saving you money in power bill every month.

The 2.5HP motor draws out less amperage which is enough to power most household tasks that need the service of a compressor.?

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Even with heavy loads the MAC2400 rarely trips circuits power. To make things even better, the pump features a durable cast iron and recovery quickly.

At 81 pounds, there is no doubt that the Makita MAC2400 is heavy. However, it comes with a handle that provide comfortable grip on your hands and cast wheels for easier movement from place to place.

Whether you’re thinking of inflating tires, framing nails or brading nails, the Makita MAC2400 offers enough oomph to tackle any professional or small projects both at home or work.

Makita possesses a large engineered bore pump with a cylinder made of cast iron material. The cast iron material makes this compressor durable with long lasting service capability.

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2. Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air Compressor

A quick look at this oil-lubricated air compressor, not much can be said given that modern compressors are oil-less. But bare with me for minute, because if you pass on this air compressor, you may ignore a few points that make it great.

Let’s agree on one thing. Being an oil-lubricated air compressor, you’ll need to change the oil. And like any other oil-lubricated air compressor, this one has a longer life span compared to oil-less air compressor. Despite being an oil-lubricated compressor many homeowners and hobbyists like it so much.

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The MAC700 air compressor has a low amperage which means there no reason that you’ll experience a trip circuit breaker. With an 80 dB noise level, it is the most quiet air compressor compared to other models that have over 90decibels. The truth is there is no a quiet compressor on that on Market, each has a different noise level.

The Makita runs 1750 RPM making it the best air compressor on the market. Additional, its foot is rubberized to prevent it from damaging the floor and lessening vibration. With 52 pounds of weight and a roll-bar handle, you’ll be able to transport and move this tool anywhere you want.

This too much weight occurs because the unit is built with a durable cast iron material. Unlike most air compressors, the MAC7200 runs cooler which improves its performance.

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3. Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor

The MAC5200 is capable of running a number of tools. Comes with fold-able handlebars for easy storage and transportation. The MAC5200 features a 3.0HP, 340 RPM motor which provides unmatched performance to handle various kinds of tasks. Besides that it can handle two framing nailers simultaneously.

With a 6.5 CFM at 90 PSl on a 3.0HP motor, there is no reason why you can’t try the MAC5200. The capacity and pressure are living proof of the performance you’ll get.

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Its retailing price alone is a bargain for such a high-end compressor. The 90dB noise level is not what you would look for in an air compressor, but rest assured its noise level won’t disrupt your neighbor or wake them from sleep.

The MAC5200 weighs 100 pounds heavier than other compressors that I have reviewed on this list. Aside from that it comes with a 5.2 gallon air tank. What is see from these two features, is performance.

It is heavier because it is meant for that professional contractor who wants a superior air compressor that lives up to its performance. To compensate for the heaviness, you have 8 large pneumatic wheels that can move on the roughest terrains. The MAC5200 is capable of going from 0 to 140 PSI, takes two minutes.

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4. Makita AC001 Compact Air Compressor

At only 23.1 pounds, you’ll find the Makita AC001 compact and lightweight. It is perfect for those who want to tackle light household tasks like inflating tires, balloons or sports equipment.

With its 1/6 max HP induction motor alongside 140 PSI, the AC001 delivers great performance and output. The Makita Ac001 compact is quite thanks to its 72dBA. The AC001 features a roll cage construction that protects the pump and the motor.

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The low amperage of the air compressor reduces the chances of trip breaker circuits. Thanks to its oil-less pump design, you won’t be refilling it every time which cuts down the maintenance time you spend on this tool.

Having a 72dBA noise level, you’re guaranteed a smooth operation at home without interrupting your next door neighbors.

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About Makita Air Compressor

What started as an electric motor sales and repair company, Makita, revolutionized the entire manufacturing industry with its cutting edge power tools.

Today, Makita is the leading manufacturer of Air compressor worldwide. There is a feeling that the Makita air compressors are best in the world. I couldn’t agree on further on that statement. That’s why every professional contractor and Diyer love Makita tool. Not only do they have the best power tools but they also sell a wide variety of their accessories.

Makita has 4 air compressor models on the market ranging from small to the largest. We have the AC310, MAC700, MAC2400 and MAC5200. To make these tools, Makita applied cutting-edge technology and innovation to engineer power tools that are efficient and compact to deliver the performance and results professionals want.

Every Makita tool goes thorough countless number of inspection and testing before it is released to the market. This is to ensure that customers have nothing but the best power tools that delivers unmatched performance.

Feel the confidence and rest assured that you’re getting nothing but the best air compressor offering the right balance between performance and durability with less vibration and excellent ergonomics.

General Tips About Air Compressors

People that buy the best compressors pay attention to three things:

  • Pressure
  • Capacity
  • Tank size

Out of these three things, capacity matters the most than the other two. The pressure of the air compressor shows how strong the compressor is.

Literally, an air compressor maybe strong but delivers poor performance. If you have ever bought an air compressor before then you’ll know what am talking about.

Most air compressors on the market have a varying a pressure of 125 to 175PSI which is 8.5 to 12 bars. The difference comes in their capacity. In most cases, the kind of air compressor that you have would be dictated by the kind of tool that you use.

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What Pressure Do You Need For Most Of Your Work

Whether you’re doing small tasks like framing nails or inflating tires, you’ll need an air compressor that has a pressure of between 90 to 100 PSI. This is enough to manage most of the work that you have.

For bigger industrial application, you’ll need an air compressor with a 200 to 300 PSI, sometimes bigger.

If you’re buying an air compressor for the first time, look at the specification for the power tools. What are the pressure requirements? Once you have known that, then you can choose an air compressor based on those specifications.

Size/capacity-Here are the juicy details

The capacity of the air compressor is rated as CFM, or Cubic foot per minute. Capacity shows the amount of air the compressor can give out. If you’re comparing to buy between a big or small compressor, look at the capacity each gives out and not the pressure.

Tank size: Why it should bother you

You’ll hear most manufacturers say that they have a 5 gallon tank compressor. There is a misconception out there that the bigger the tank, the stronger and better the air compressor. The truth is tank size doesn’t affect anything or influence the performance of the air compressor. The strength of the air compressor is rated in liters per minutes and not liters or gallon.

Weight is underrated

Weight is another factor that’s underrated. The idea is that the lightweight compressors are portable and easier to carry around. That is not true, because I have seen products that are portable and difficult to carry. When looking for a portable air compressor, check the shape and weight. Shapes matters when you’re looking for the portable air compressor. Slim air compressors are easier to carry than wide air compressor having the same weight.

Final Verdict

“Anytime am faced to make a choice between two competing brands on the market, I go with Makita.” Those words were echoed by a happy customer after buying the Makita. Hope you like this Makita Air Compressor Review and will help you to make the right decision.

Makita has proven to be the best leading manufacturer of air compressor on the market. Their products have been tested against other competing companies like Porter Cable and came out the best in the market.

In other words, when you decide to buy a Makita air compressor know that you’re buying a proven reliable tool that has been tested by thousands of contractors all over the US and Canada before it gets out of the market. That means you’re getting the best value for your hard earned money.