Best Sandblasters For The Money In 2018 | In-Depth Portable & Fixed Reviews

It’s obvious and you can’t deny it.

The task of manually removing large layers of paints and rust using sandpaper are labor-intensive and time consuming. In other words it needs a different kind of manpower.


But with the best sandblaster on the market you can clean the nastiest, dirtiest and rustiest material with a guaranteed of polished material.

Best Sandblasters For The Money Comparison Chart







Campbell Hausfeld AT122601AV

2 Lbs


8.5 x 11.1 x 3.4

Generic Air Siphon Feed Blast

1.9 Lbs


14.3 x 10.5 x 1.1

XtremepowerUS 30 Lbs Portable blaster

6 Lbs



Lematec Portable Speed Blaster

1.1 Lbs


9 x 9 x 2.7

We went ahead to scour the internet, reading every manufacturer’s manual in search for unique features and what makes each value your money. We also bought the tool to test for ourself to see if the product lives up to its claim.

The result:

  • We narrowed down to 4 best sandblasters in 2018
  • A comprehensive checklist of how to select a sandblaster

With so many sandblasters competing for your attention, the task of selecting a premium tool that fits the bill is like looking for in a haystack.

All this information will help you select the perfect sandblaster for suited for cleaning. Let’s start.

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Best sandblaster 2018 – Detail Reviews

1. Campbell Hausfeld AT122601AV – Best Sandblaster For Car Frame

?It’s hard to beat the portability and functionality of the Campbell hausfeld sandblaster. The unique minimalist design is nothing short of amazing when it comes to sandblaster of its own class. When it comes to the design, you’ll appreciate that the sandblaster resembles an ordinary water hose. This gives you enough flexibility in connecting the hose and aiming for the place you want sandblasted.

Comes with a 10-feet hose in a satin black finish that not only etches the surface but sucks up all kinds of abrasion. If you buy the Campbell hausfeld you get the following: a ceramic nozzle, steel pick-up tube and allure wrench.

You’ll have to agree with me that the Campbell hausfled is a great option for those that need a tool capable of removing rust, hardened debris and paints from equipment. Its hopper is large enough to hold 120lbs of abrasive for 200 minutes of blasting. Like other Campbell products, this sandblaster comes with wheels that make movement easier.

2. Generic Air Siphon Feed Blast – Best Industrial Sandblaster 

Prowling on the internet and forums, we met the Sandblaster air siphon feed blast gun nozzle.

Looking at the gun, you’ll see that it is crafted from high quality die cast aluminum. In short, this is a hard durable tool designed for long lasting service.

Like the Campbell Hausfeld, you’ll need to have your own air supply. That said, it would be an excellent tool for persons that have or their own air compressor. All you need is to connect to the air compressor then turn the unit on.

It comes with 4 separate ceramic nozzles. Each nozzle has a different diameter that accept and blast media application in your work space. This 600 cc media container comes with an excellent grip for superior support. Aside from that, you’ll love the use of gravity because it eases the flow of media.

Since it is gravity feed speed blaster, you can use it in any position that you want. You can hold in the upright position, sideways and upside down for small sandblasting jobs. Rest assured, no matter the direction you hold the tool, you’ll achieve the best results possible.

3. XtremepowerUS 30 Pound – Best Portable Sandblaster

It is interesting to own the XtremepowerUS 30 portable blasting sandblaster. The unmatched performance and the experience we had with this tool is nothing compared to a high-end sandblasters on the market.

The XtremepowerUS 30 promises outstanding results in peeling off even then most difficult dirty or rust from the surface.

Its efficiency is determined by the tank capacity, because it can hold up to 20 gallons of blasting materials. In a layman language, it means that you can work with it for 30 minutes before you refill the tank again.

With a 10-foot flexible blasting hose, you can sand blast even hard-to-reach surfaces in a matter of minutes. Based on my expert analysis of this tool, it is safe to say that this masterpiece can peel off large layers of paint and plaster from any hardcore surface without sacrificing your energy and time.

As a goal to satisfy customers the manufacturer has equipped the machine with a water separator to prevent water mist which guarantees flawless operation when you’re working with the sandblaster. The air release valve located at the tank protects you from accidental injuries. There are lots of reasons why the XtremepoerUS 30 pound capacity is the best on the market.

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4. Lematec Portable Blaster – Best Sandblaster For Cars

With the Lematec Sandblaster you can renew, refresh, revive, recycle, re-finish all work you have. Additional is also a handy tool for removing rust from iron, steel and all other metals. The fully adjustable control valve automates the media flow through the gravity feeding the blasters.

The lematec sandblaster operates at a pressure of 60 PSI. Glass etching and stone carvings are some of the sandblasting crafts that are possible with this machine.

The lematec sandblaster can work well with many types of media. It is also versatile enough to accept any blasting media but not limited to: sand up to 100#, ” silicone carbide” baking soda, aluminum oxide, glass, crushed walnut shell, e.t.c

How To Choose The Best Sandblaster

Choosing a sandblaster, whether it is on Amazon or your favorite store is like looking in the haystack. With our checklist, we have streamlined the factor or things that you need to pay attention. All the four sandblasters that you’ve read on this page, we choose them based on these factors. Rest assured that any sandblaster that you purchase from our list is something that is best for your work.

Types of sandblaster

Sandblaster comes in two categories:

Gravity-fed sandblaster

As the name suggests, it employs gravity to finish the job. In this process, sand is placed in a little container called a hopper that is mounted on the gun, which is hooked to an air compressor. When you press the trigger, the air comes out of the nozzle at a high speed.

Siphon sandblaster

They resemble the gravity-fed sandblaster; the main difference is that the hopper holds the sand located below the nozzle. When someone presses the trigger, air comes out, making the sand travel to the nozzle in a suction-like process.

Pressure sandblaster

A pressure sandblaster needs a highly specialized canister sand. They have guns hooked on the canisters. When you pull the trigger, you blast sand out of the container. A pressure sandblaster is easier to use but every expensive when it comes to price.

The sizes

Sandblasters come in different sizes. Here is a breakdown of their sizes.

Mini Sandblasts

Mini sandblasts are portable and light. They are also capable of handling detail work. In other words, they are excellent for removing rust, old paints in preparation for refreshing work.

With mini sandblasters you can move from one station to another. Aside from that, they have a small nozzle that you can use to etch designs into glass

Large sandblaster

Large sandblaster will need mounting for them to stable. Like the mini sandblasters, they are portable but a heavy. They come with wheels for easier movement.


Hopper is designed to hold the sand. A large hopper holds more sand and other abrasives. And this gets the job done much faster and quicker. If you choose a sandblaster with a large hopper you won’t need to refill the tank most of the time.

Comfortable pistol grip

When choosing a sandblaster, you want to make sure that it has a perfect pistol grip. In other words, the better the grip, the lower the chances of you getting blisters and injuries. Which increases your efficiency and saves time.

Fuel tanks

With a sandblaster comes the issue of refilling the tank with the oil. If you have a smaller tank, you will constantly be refilling the oil unlike when you have a large tank.

Abrasive material

Lots of sandblasters are designed to use other abrasive material rather than sand like walnut hulls, aluminum oxide and glass beads to achieve better results.

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How To Use A Sandblaster

Want to know how to use a sandblaster? Here is a well laid process in a simple language.

Assemble the power head components

You have to unpack the box and look for these components. These components are power head, the nozzle and the siphon air jet. The first step is to insert the nozzle onto the power head and make sure that it is not lose using an alloy key. Second, you can insert the siphon air jet onto the power head.

Attach power head assembly to the gun

Once the siphon air is in place, insert the gun into the power head. Make sure the connection is secured using a built in wrench.

Connect the siphon hose to the power head

Make sure that the siphon hose is connected to the power head. The next step from here is to make sure that the component for blasting is secure and its door mechanism is fastened

Turn on the sandblaster

Once you’re through with initial preparation, you can now turn on the sandblaster. Pick up the gun and aim at the area that you want to sandblast. When you are done with the whole process, turn off the machine and start dissembling the parts.

Final verdict

The best sandblasters for the money on the market can help you wash away years of dirt, rust, grit, paint saving you time and energy. You don’t need to rely on the sand paper when a tool like this available at your disposal. Months from now, you’ll be able to finish your work fast and timely.

I believe the review has opened up your eyes on the bestselling units that you need to invest your money. Plus the best possible factors to consider when you’re choosing this tool. Rest assured that the tools we have reviewed have stunning reviews offer unmatched performance.