Best Tabletop Fireplace | Expert Reviews and Buying Guide

Tabletop fireplaces are a wonderful addition to the decor of any room. You can choose to install one on your nightstand, a dining table or an office desk.

Besides providing a magnificent aura of ambiance, these are mainly ethanol fireplaces that emit a little warmth to make you feel cozy and comfortable.

Whenever you are looking for something special to add to the setup of a place you spend a lot of time at, you might want to consider tabletop fireplaces.

Since there are many such models available on the market today, I made it my goal to find the best tabletop fireplace to make your choice easier. After testing dozens of models, reading the reviews, and speaking to the users, I came up with a top-9 list. Let’s take a look.

Best Tabletop Fireplace

1. ModaFlame GF301801 Vigo Table Top Fireplace

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ModaFlame Vigo versatile tabletop fireplace has a sleek design. The black stand and glass panels make the flame appear larger and more realistic.

The fireplace uses bioethanol fuel to produce an appearance of a beautiful fire.


I really liked the design of this piece. There is absolutely nothing extra here. It can fit into any décor, be it a classic or a contemporary room or an office. The fireplace weighs only 5 lbs. so you can easily change the location whenever you feel like it.

3,900 BTUs

Even though this fireplace is a decorative piece, it still produces 3,900 BTUs of heat, which is a nice addition to the central heating during the cold winter days.

Dancing flames

This fireplace produces beautiful dancing flames, which are pleasant to watch.


Bioethanol fuel needs to be purchased separately.

2. Sunnydaze White Large Cubic Ventless Tabletop Fireplace

Sunnydaze white large no-vent fireplace has a beautiful design, which is perfect for large tables or desks. The large white base makes it safe to operate on any surface without being afraid of the heat damage.

The four tempered glass panels give this model a beautiful look and a warm feel. The flames are dancing to produce an appearance of a wood-burning fireplace on your table.

One-year warranty

This unit comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, which speaks highly for the quality of the piece. You can use the fireplace without being afraid of breakdowns.

Easy to operate

This fireplace doesn’t require any gas lines, chimney or venting. All you have to do is light up the fuel and start enjoying the beauty of the flames and slight heat. This unit produces 3,000 BTUs per hour.


The fireplace its heavy (weighs almost 20 lbs.)

3. Elite Flame Arkon Ventless Tabletop Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

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Elite Flame Arkon is unusually designed tabletop fireplace exactly what you need when you want to install something unique on your office desk or a sofa table. While offering a flawless design, this fireplace gives off a nice amount of heat to provide you a warm feeling in the middle of a cool day.

4,000 BTUs

This unit gives off more heat than most of the compact tabletop fireplaces. 4,000 BTUs can help you exchange uncomfortable coolness for the feeling of cozy warmth.


This fireplace weighs only 6 lbs. and can be easily moved from one room to another depending on your current needs.

High flame

This unit produces a dancing flame which can get as high as 10 inches. You might not be able to divert your gaze from these realistic flames for hours.


One load of fuel is enough to operate the fireplace for 2 – 2.5 hours.

4. Elite Flame Avon Ventless Table Top Bio Ethanol Fireplace

This impressive-looking Elite Flame Avon ventless tabletop fireplace doesn’t just offer a sleek design, it produces 3,900 BTUs per hour.

The flames reach up to 12’’, which makes this model one of the most realistic on the market.

Intricate design

The combination of black base and glass walls make this tabletop fireplace suitable for any décor. It’s small enough to fit on small night tables while looking grand on the large desks. The unit weighs 6 pounds.


Besides offering you a chance to place it on any surface you wish, you could also bring this fireplace outside. While it doesn’t give off too much heat, it can still make a cool evening on the porch or balcony more comfortable.

3-hour burning time

This fireplace offers you 12’’ flames for as long as 3 hours. This is more than enough for an enjoyable evening.


Doesn’t give off too much heat

5. Ignis Tabletop Ventless Ethanol Fireplace

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This high-quality portable indoor fireplace by Ignis can be a wonderful addition to your room’s decor.

While it doesn’t produce too much heat (the output is 2,000 BTUs per hour), it completely changes the atmosphere in your home or office.

Adjustable flame

Unlike most of the similar models, this one offers you an opportunity to change the height of the flame. All you have to do is adjust the vent.

Sleek design

I especially appreciate the sleek design of this model. The stainless steel base coupled with glass walls give this fireplace a light and weightless appearance. The item weighs only 8 pounds.

0.7- liter burner

The burner has a 0.7-liter capacity, which means you can enjoy the pretty flames for as long as 2 hours. This is more than enough for a family dinner of a reading session on your porch.

6. GF307950SS Ghost Tabletop Firepit Fireplace

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This tabletop fireplace with an interesting design is exactly what you need to decorate your table. The unit can create dancing flames, which improve the atmosphere in any room or office.

A dancing flame is one of the biggest advantages of this model. While the fireplace itself is very small, the flame goes up high in order to grab the oxygen. In the ends, you get a very functional piece.

Sleek design

The design of this fireplace exceeds all expectations. The round form gives it a compact appearance. The stainless steel base coupled with the glass walls make this model look stunning. This is a small fireplace. It weighs only 2 pounds.

Small capacity

While this might sound strange, I liked the fact that the capacity is rather small. The fuel burns out in under 2 hours, which means I don’t need to bother with snuffing it out and relighting it again when needed.


No fuel included

7. Moda Flame Cavo Table Top Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

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This seemingly small fireplace is far from being just a decorative piece. It produces 4,000 BTUs per hour, which is enough to make the person sitting next to it warmer.

This is a great choice for outdoor and indoor use.


This unit is very small. It weighs only 7 pounds. You can easily move it around whenever you need to watch the beautiful flames on your desk or get some warmth during the cool evenings on your balcony.

High flames

The flames reach about 10’’ in height. They burn for up to 4 hours so you don’t have to worry about adding the fuel too often.

Nice design

This unit has a very interesting design, which allows it be a great addition to any décor, be it home or office.


No flame adjustment option

8. Endless Summer, GLT1343SP, LP Gas Table Top Fireplace

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This model is designed for the outdoor use. It’s very solidly built to produce a beautiful and realistic flame. While looking very nice, it also produces a significant amount of heat.

Unlike the small indoor tabletop fireplaces, this one is designed to warm you up. It produces 10,000 BTUs an hour, which is enough to keep you warm on a cool day.

Interesting design

The design of this fireplace is very interesting. The stainless steel burner and decorative faux stone base do a good job hiding the propane tank beneath them.

Black fire glass

The black fire glass, which comes with this model, does a great job accentuating the flame and making the fire look natural.

Electronic ignition

You don’t have to worry about lighting up the fire. The control panel with an electronic ignition makes the fireplace operation fast and easy.


Can’t be used indoors

9. Anywhere Fireplace – Lexington Tabletop Fireplace

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This no-odor, no-soot, and no-ash fireplace is exquisitely designed and painted with high-quality red or white paint. I was surprised at how inviting this model made my living room feel. The glass walls make this unit safer to use.

Round shape

The round form of this fireplace makes it different from most of the models on the market. The glass walls are also rounded. While the fireplace is not too small, it looks quite compact. It weighs 9 pounds.

Long burning time

This fireplace works with bio ethanol fuel, one liter of which burns for five hours. The capacity of this fireplace (1/3 of a liter) allows for long burning time.

Amazing design

The unusual round design of this fireplace makes it different from other models. This model can make a great gift.


A little hard to fill with fuel

Best Bio Ethanol Fuels for your Tabletop Fireplaces

The main advantage of a bio ethanol fuel is that it burns completely. The only byproducts of this fuel are water vapor and negligent amounts of carbon dioxide. Due to this, no chimney or venting system are required for fireplaces that use bio ethanol fuel.

Another advantage of this clean fuel is the absence of any soot and ashes. Fireplaces that use bio ethanol fuel don’t require regular cleaning. I went through various bio ethanol fuel options and came up with three that seem to be the best for using with the tabletop fireplaces. Let’s take a look.

1. Greenscapes BioFuel All Natural Cooking and Warming Fuel

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This fuel is a perfect solution for those who are concerned with chemicals. This is an all natural solution to warming fuel for your tabletop fireplace!

One of the major advantages of the bio ethanol fuel is that it doesn’t have an expiration date. So you can buy as many 4-gallon bottles in advance as you wish. Thankfully, this bottle is refillable!

Large bottles

This fuel comes in a large refillable bottle, which is very good for the earth. It has 15 hour heating abilities, which are enough to keep your tabletop fireplace working for many hours.

Zero odor

This fuel doesn’t produce any odor while burning, which makes it a great choice for any bio ethanol fuel fireplace.


Burns fast

2. Moda Flame 1 Quart Bio-Ethanol  Fuel for Fireplace

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This 100 % natural alcohol makes the operation of your tabletop fireplace fast and easy. It burns absolutely clean and doesn’t produce any soot, ashes, or odors.

A special bitter taste is added to the fuel in order to make it safe for pets and children. The bitterant keeps them from ingesting the otherwise odorless liquid.

Made in USA

This bio ethanol fuel is made in USA, which speaks highly of its quality. The fuel complies with the strictest USA regulations. It can be used with any tabletop fireplace.

Various packs

Depending on your needs, you can purchase 3, 16, 12, and 24 bottle packs. Large packs can be great money-savers.


Can only be shipped to 48 continental states

3. Elite Flame Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel

While the manufacturers of Elite Flame products might claim that this fuel is designed for their products only, in fact, it can be used with any fireplace. You can use this fuel for both indoor and outdoor models.

A bitterant is added so children and pets won’t swallow the harmful alcohol.


You can use this bio ethanol fuel for various purposes besides your tabletop fireplace. You can enjoy a nice fire when making a barbecue, firing up a fire pit or a fire ring.

100% Clean

This fuel burns 100% clean so it can safely be used indoors. There is no soot, ashes, smells or other downside factors associated with this fuel.

Made in USA

This product is made in USA. This means it complies to even the strictest laws, which speaks for its high quality.


Burns Fast

Tabletop Fireplace Buying Guide

When looking for the best tabletop fireplace for your needs, there are a few things you have to consider before making the final decision.

Heat Output

When you are considering a tabletop fireplace, you need to determine whether you just need it for aesthetic pleasure or for heating as well. Most of the compact tabletop fireplaces are created for ambiance.

However, some of them can produce up to 10,000 BTUs, which is enough to heat up a small room. If the output is below 3,000 BTUs then the fireplace won’t give off any heat. You can get some warmth from a model that has an output of 4,000 BTUs or more.

Indoor or Outdoor

Think about where you are planning to use your tabletop fireplace. If you are buying it to brighten up the atmosphere in your home or office, then you can opt for just about any model. However, if you’d like to have a choice of using it both indoor and outdoor, then you have to look for certain units.

Most of the time such versatile fireplaces are less compact than their indoor counterparts are, but they give off more heat. Purely outdoor fireplaces are large and their heat output is above 10,000 BTUs.


Make a decision which fuel you are planning to use for your fireplace.

  • Gas – the cheapest option
  • Bio ethanol – the cleanest option
  • Electricity – the safest option
  • Gel fuel – the hottest option

Meanwhile, each one of the fuels has its own downsides.

  • Gas –Is not always safe
  • Bio ethanol – Burns fast
  • Electricity – Requires an outlet
  • Gel fuel – Comes with a hefty price tag

You need to consider your preferences and budget before choosing the fuel. After the fuel is chosen, you can go on to consider various designs of tabletop fireplaces.


Since the main job of most of the tabletop fireplaces is to give off ambience and improve your room’s decor, the design is one of the most important things you should look at. Most of such fireplaces have a sleek design, which can easily fit into any home or office decor. Take a close look at the base of the fireplace.

Some manufacturers try to make it very small, which looks great but means that the burner is tiny too. Take a look at the height of the fiberglass walls, if any. The higher the walls are, the better the flames dance.


If you have children and pets in your household, you might want to consider a fireplace that you can place high on top of your furniture in order to avoid safety hazard for the little ones.

Why a Tabletop Fireplace

If after reading all of the above you are wondering if you should purchase a tabletop fireplace, here are a few reasons to help you make up your mind.


If you’ve never seen a tabletop fireplace in a house before, you should definitely do it. You’ll be surprised at how the whole atmosphere changes when you bring a little fire inside. Looking at the dancing flames can calm your nerves and even bring you inspiration.


A tabletop fireplace won’t heat up a room during a power outage but it can add it some much-needed warmth when you don’t feel like turning up the central heating. Even the smallest amount of heat such fireplaces emit give you a feeling of coziness and warmth you never experienced before.


Tabletop fireplaces are usually rather small. So you can take the flame with you anywhere you go. Unlike other types of fireplaces, they can easily be transported from one room to another. Some models can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Benefits of Bio Ethanol Tabletop Ventless Fireplaces

If you are thinking which tabletop fireplace to choose, the below benefits can help you make a decision.


Bio ethanol fuel is one of the safest fuel options out there. It burns 100 % clean and doesn’t harm the air you breathe. Whether you use it in a small room or outdoors, you don’t have to worry about the air quality.

Meanwhile, since the tabletop fireplaces are portable, you can easily keep them out of reach of children and pets so they don’t accidentally get burned. The tabletop fireplaces are designed to keep the chances of a fire to a minimum.

Availability and Versatility

There are many various gel fuel fireplaces available on the market today. Since they mostly come with a nice price tag, you can choose any design you see fit. They are simple in operation and are readily available for use in your home, office, patio, backyard or anywhere else you can think of.

Environmentally friendly

Bio ethanol is one of the most environmentally friendly fuels used in fireplaces today. When it burns, it doesn’t produce any harmful particles. All you get is water vapor and small amounts of carbon dioxide.

Besides not being harmful to you and your family, bio ethanol fuel is safe for the environment as well. Besides, the this ethanol fireplace in the market can help heat up your room, which means you can reduce the use of gas, oil, and electricity units.

Easy to Operate

The bio ethanol tabletop fireplaces don’t require any complicated installation and operation. They mostly come assembled and all you have to do is light the fire. You can choose where to place your units, be it your nightstand or the living room wall.

You don’t have to worry about professional installation of high learning curves. Since the fireplaces are vent-less, you don’t need any additional venting equipment to make the operation safe.

Easy to Maintain

Vent-less bio-ethanol fireplaces require practically no maintenance. Unlike wood-burning units that produce soot and ash, these models stay absolutely clean.

The only reason why you’d need to clean such a fireplace is if you spill some fuel when recharging it. Even if this happens, you’ll just need a few seconds to wipe the unit clean.

Heating function

While the portable vent-less fireplaces don’t produce too much heat, they can still be a nice addition to your home’s heating system. When it’s not too cold to turn up the central heating but not warm enough to feel comfortable, such fireplace can be a real savior. By placing it next to you when you are reading, watching TV or working, you can enjoy the extra heat.

Beautiful flames

Most of the bio ethanol tabletop fireplaces are designed to give off beautiful flames. They can have a relaxing effect when you watch them dance. The nature of these small yet high flames is one of the most important features of a tabletop fireplace.

Portable Tabletop Fireplace Safety Tips

While a portable fireplace is a safe unit, you still need to follow some safety rules in order to avoid operating problems.

Keep of out of reach of children and pets

Since the portable tabletop fireplaces produce an open fire, they are a hazard to children and pets. You need to install the fireplace so they can’t reach it.

You have various remote installation options, such as high furniture or walls. Consider purchasing a fireplace with glass walls so the flame can’t be easily accessed. Avoid placing the fireplaces on the floors or low tables.

Keep enough air in the room

Bio ethanol fuel requires oxygen to work. If you have a small and stuffy room, you’ll need to keep a window or a door slightly open to give the fireplace enough oxygen to work with. If there isn’t enough air in the room, the fireplace might become a hazard.

If you start getting a headache or feel as if it’s getting harder to breathe, make sure to immediately shut off the fireplace and open all windows.

Follow the rules when refilling the fireplace

  • One of the most important rules is not to fill the fireplace over the max line. This might cause fire.
  • Never fill the fireplace when it’s still hot. Even though such approach can be a nuisance when you can’t wait to continue using the unit, it can save you from getting burned or fuel burning up.
  • Always turn the fireplace off before refilling it. Otherwise, you can get burned since the fire might start immediately.

Buy a fire extinguisher

Make sure to buy a fire extinguisher for the room you are using the fireplace in. Even if you have an extinguisher somewhere else in the house, you might not have time to come and get it. Get at least a small extinguisher to place near the fireplace.

Remove flammable objects

Never place flammable objects near the fireplace. All flammable things, except for the curtains, must be at least 40 inches away from the unit. The curtains should be about 80 inches away.

Only use the right fuel

Even though it seems as if you can fill the fireplace with any fuel, you should only use the fuel that it’s designed to burn. Otherwise, you might be faced with a substantial fire hazard. The fireplaces are manufactured to be safe when used with the right fuel. If you use the wrong one, your safety and the fireplace integrity are not guaranteed.

How Much Heat Do Bio Ethanol Fireplaces Provide

When people are considering buying a bio ethanol fireplace, they are wondering if it can provide enough heat to make the room warmer. Since the flame in the bio ethanol fireplace is absolutely real, it’s bound to give off some heat. The amount of heat such fireplaces can generate depends on several factors.

Size of the fireplace

A large fireplace with a sizable burner that can fit a large amount of the fuel can give off a substantial amount of heat. Before choosing the fireplace for your needs, check out the hourly output in BTUs.

If it exceeds 10,000, then you can use this fireplace to heat up the room on a cool day. Most of the small tabletop fireplaces produce about 3,000 – 4,000 BTUs, which is just enough for you to feel the heat when you are close to the fireplace, but it won’t heat up the room.

Burner capacity

Even the largest bio ethanol fireplace might give off insubstantial amounts of heat if it’s not designed to produce large flames. All depends on the capacity of the burner. If the burner capacity is about 1.5 liters than the fireplace can give off heat of about 3kW.

This means it can heat up a room of about 200 – 220 square feet when at its highest setting. If you need to heat up a bigger room, you can look for fireplaces with several burners.

Wrapping It Up All

Before choosing the best bio ethanol fireplace for your needs, determine how much heat you want it to generate. Then check the specs. Remember, even the best tabletop fireplaces are not large enough to heat up a sizable room. A large bio ethanol fireplace can provide as much heat as its electric counterpart at a medium setting.

When choosing the best tabletop fireplace for your needs, you have to burrow through a lot of information. After checking out all the above options and advice, you need to ask yourself once more, what exactly you want from a tabletop fireplace. The fireplace market is very large so you can easily find a model to suit your needs as long as you clearly understand what those needs are.

Keep in mind that the main purpose of these fireplaces is to create a certain ambiance rather than heat up your room. They can become an integral part of your room’s décor. So pay extra attention to their design.